centrifugal field

marmorstein, strumpf, körper, fliehkraft

Performance, Sattelkammer Bern

letzte runde

auto, quarzsand, gips

St. Tropez Festival, Zürich, 2019

einmal durchatmen

24 h Audioaufnahme nach dem Auszug der Zentralwäscherei und vor der nächsten Nutzung

2019, Zentralwäscherei Zürich

high noon

Schneekanone, Körper

Engadina Bassa, 2018

hand, fist, elbow

Video, Audio
20 objects / unburned porcelain

Zürich, Master Degree Show, 2017

its not going to rain today

car tire
Bolivia, 2018

Tid, Tied „Zeit“; Pl. Tiden, Tieden „Zeiten“

HD Video, 20 min

Helmhaus, keine Zeit, 2018

Helmhaus Zürich, keine Zeit, 2018, Bild: M. Nollert

map of zurich

print and folding map

scan of the shoe soles after three weeks walking around in the city of zurich

Pavilleon, Zürich, 2016


Video, Audio, 30 min
Booklet with exercises

Zürich, 2018 / 2019

Gravity is the elemental force that governs every aspect of our lives
it is the challenge we meet when we make our first steps
and it strikes us down when our lives journey finally comes to an end

In gravity some may feel the organizing principle of the universe
while to others it represents this thrill of life or the absurdity of our existence


popcorn, rubber band, nails, light, time

Zürich, 2017

chairs (interaction_or a dance with two strangers)

HD Video, 20 min, chairs and body


mind the gap

HD video, 1:28, loop, original sound

2015, Winterthur

aus dem Off, Winterthur
keine Zeit, Helmhaus Zürich

Helmhaus Zürich, kein Zeit, Bild: M. Nollert


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